Cereal in dog food: Can dogs digest cereal and what are the benefits?

The short answer is 'yes'! Dogs can digest both cereals and grain, despite the common misconception that they can't.

Because dogs are omnivores, they are capable of digesting carbohydrates well - in fact, they use the same enzyme as humans to do so.

We use whole grain cereals in our dog food because they help us provide your dog with many of the nutrients that are essential to their health; including carbohydrates. With all the adventures your dog looks forward to during the day, it's important that they have a readily useable source of both slow-and quick-release energy. That's where carbohydrates come in! Carbohydrates are used for energy, leaving the carefully chosen sources of fat and protein in our dog food for other uses - such as maintaining a healthy skin, coat and immune system. The carbohydrates in some cereals also contain fibre that helps support your dog's digestive health (just like it does in humans). Cereals help us bind everything in our dog food together, so your dog can enjoy the delicious texture they love in every single kibble.