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Purina’s packaging is critical to ensuring the food we produce is kept fresh for the pets we feed. It also provides important nutritional and legal information about the product inside. However, at the same time, we know that pet lovers are concerned about the impact our products have on the environment.

At Purina, packaging is something we think about carefully; we know that we have a responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of our pet food packaging in terms of weight and volume, raw materials and transportation.


We also share the vision that none of our packaging ends up as waste and we are ready to play our part in helping to achieve this commitment.

Addressing the complex problem of plastic pollution requires taking an inclusive and joined-up approach. To achieve this objective, specific actions are needed. In line with this approach, we are taking steps in:

• Developing Packaging of the Future
• Shaping a Waste-Free Future
• Driving New Behavior and Understanding

Developing Packaging of the Future

• We are working on reducing both the number of different material layers and the complexity of those materials in our packaging to make our packaging easier to recycle. For example, two of our biggest brands, Gourmet Mon Petit and Felix Soup ranges, have introduced the new mono-material pouches, which are "designed to be recyclable". This new packaging will be introduced in more than 19 countries across Europe, including the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Italy.

• One of our priorities is to make Purina wet food pouches fully recyclable. Our teams are testing new design & technologies aiming to ensure circularity of pouch packaging. For example, in the Netherlands we are piloting a first-of-its-kind recyclable flexible plastic packaging for our wet pet food. Learn more.

• With the Nestlé Institute for Packaging Sciences we are exploring a range of innovations, including new paper-based materials. Learn more.

• We are phasing out all plastics that are non-recyclable or hard to recycle, or where recycling schemes are unlikely to be established. Learn more.

Learn more about how to recycle our Beyond® packaging. Learn more.

Shaping a Waste-Free Future

• We are introducing reusable packaging, new delivery systems and innovative business models to avoid use of single-use packaging. For example, in 19 shops in 3 regions of Russia consumers can already buy Purina products in bulk using their own packaging. In Switzerland, we are testing reusable and refillable dispensers in partnership with MiWa where pet owners can bring reusable containers to buy different types of Purina dry cat food.

• One of our key challenges is waste management, as each country differs in their ability to collect, sort, and recycle waste. Therefore, we are joining efforts with partners to improve recycling infrastructures and pioneer new recycling technologies.

• We are participating in a European project called CEFLEX, which works towards the development of consistent infrastructure across the EU to collect, sort and recycle all types of used flexible plastics by 2025.

• In the UK, we are partnering with Mars Petcare and recycling specialist TerraCycle to offer the Pet Food Recycling Programme. This is a free nationwide solution for recycling all flexible dry pet food packaging, and any brand of wet pet food pouches, flexible pet food and treat packaging/pouches.

• Joining forces with Plastic Energy to develop chemical recycling technology in the UK to transform hard-to-recycle plastic packaging into recycled oils. These can then be used as a replacement for fossil oils to make food-grade plastics.

Driving New Behavior and Understanding

• We are working to ensure consumers have access to recycling information on our packaging and to help them dispose of it in the right way.

• Furthermore, we believe it is key to raise awareness among our employees, so that we are all involved and committed in our everyday actions to progress on our environmental goals. Purina employees worldwide have dedicated volunteering days to the removal of litter and participated in clean-up activities.