• Protein

    We put protein in every single recipe - providing a strong foundation for your pet's nutrition.

  • Carbohydrate

    We only select carbohydrate sources that deliver sustaining energy to pets.

  • Fats and oils

    We only source nutrient-rich fats and oils, with known benefits for pets.

  • Taste, Texture & Variety

    We believe great-tasting food plays an important role in long-lasting health.

  • Functional Ingredients

    We harness the power of functional ingredients to support pet health.

  • Vitamins

    We curate balanced combinations of vitamins based on a variety of nutritional profiles.

  • Minerals

    Minerals are essential to ensure a healthy and balanced diet.


We are committed to transparency

At Purina, we believe in empowering consumers to make informed choices. We are committed to providing comprehensive and transparent information not only on ingredients, but across our whole supply chain. That’s why we made promoting transparency across our product range one of our Purina in Society Commitments.

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Your Questions Matter!

Do you have more questions on how we produce our food, our products or our impact on the planet? Find this and more in Your Questions Matter where we capture your questions and strive to answer them openly and honestly as a part of our commitment of a greater transparency.

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We are committed to source responsibly

More and more pet owners want to know where the ingredients we use come from and what environmental impact their sourcing may have had. At Purina, we are committed to ensuring our suppliers produce high quality raw materials and therefore we made implementing responsible sourcing one of our Purina in Society Commitments.

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Our Nutritional Philosophy

Nutritional needs of pets are unique. And the right nutrition, which starts with understanding nutrients not just ingredients, has the power to help all pets live better, longer lives. Discover more about our nutritional philosophy.

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