Gourmet Perle

Spoil your feline each and every mealtime with our Gourmet Perle cat food range. A delicious array of flavours and textures.
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Treat your feline to an extra special mealtime with our Gourmet Perle cat food range, available in a wide range of flavours and textures that your cat’s sure to find absolutely delicious. Each of the tasty diets in our range feature individual sachets of wet cat food, assuring optimum freshness at all times. What’s more, each of our Gourmet Perle cat food diets are made with high-quality ingredients and are complete and balanced, so not only will you be providing your feline with a wonderfully indulgent recipe, but you can also be rest assured that you’re giving them everything they need to thrive. Browse our full range of Gourmet cat food recipes, including our Gold and Mon-Petit ranges and discover luxurious wet diets for your cat.