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Do you source your ingredients responsibly?

At Purina, we are committed to ensuring our suppliers produce high quality raw materials in a responsible way. 

We have been working with our suppliers for a long time to ensure that we have good traceability of our ingredients back to the origin. We also engage with our suppliers and third party partners to evaluate our full supply chain. For example, we work with organisations such as Proforest and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to evaluate our practices. This work puts us at the forefront in responsible sourcing, with clear targets in place. One of our commitments in this area is that by 2020, 100% of the seafood ingredients we use will be responsibly sourced.

Purina’s sourcing record is important. That’s why we have established long-term sourcing strategies for the materials in our products, so people can trust the way our raw materials are sourced.

At Purina every supplier working for us must comply with our Supplier Code, which defines the non-negotiable minimums that we ask them to respect such as human rights, safety and health in the workplace and business integrity. Our suppliers also have to comply with the legal environmental requirements and demonstrate continual improvement of their environmental performance.

On a daily basis, we are working with our partner organisations and our team regularly meets our suppliers and visit their production sites. This gives us a good understanding of how our suppliers operate. While it can be difficult to visit every single supplier, as some of our products have a very complex supply chain, we are putting new initiatives in place such as farm assessments to make sure that all our supply chain, back to farm level, is responsibly sourced.

Besides the supplier code, we are also on a journey to work closely with our suppliers to comply with our Responsible Sourcing Guidelines for key commodities, for example, seafood, meat, poultry and soya. These guidelines include things like ensuring no sourcing from areas converted to natural forests, implementing measures to mitigate impact on water, reducing greenhouse emissions, contributing to sustainable rural development, and respecting animal welfare practices from farm to factory.


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