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Why feed Friskies®?

There are many reasons why Friskies® has been fed to cats for over 50 years.

  • 100% complete and balanced cat food for healthy, happy cats from kitten to senior.
  • Guaranteed great taste for everyday enjoyment.
  • Tailored to your cat's size and stage of life, for the best nutrition.

The Friskies® 5 Promises for a happy and healthy life

From the day you brought your cat home you made a commitment - a promise to keep them happy and healthy throughout their lives. That's why we made 5 promises of our own – the Friskies® 5 Promises. Using our decades of knowledge and expertise, we promise to nourish your cat from the first day and always, with food that is both tasty and 100% complete and balanced. Discover all Friskies® 5 Promises below:

These bags are made with 30% recycled plastic (rPET)

The usage of recycled plastic is an important milestone to reduce use of virgin plastic.

That is why, these bags are made with 30% of recycled plastic (rPET), being a first step in our sustainability journey.

And we are working to improve again, as part of our packaging commitments.

Friskies Cat Adult
Purina® Friskies® Cat
Discover PURINA® Friskies® Adult, a range of tasty products that provide adult cats with all the nutrition they need – and the great taste they love.
Friskies cat lifestage
Purina® Friskies® Cat
PURINA® Friskies® Lifestage products are developed by Purina experts to give your cat the nutrition they need at every stage of life, from kitten to senior.
Friskies cat lifestyle
Purina® Friskies® Cat
Discover PURINA® Friskies® for cats with special needs. Tasty and 100% complete and balanced nutrition your cat needs.
Friskies Cat Crunchy & Tender
Purina® Friskies® Cat
Crunchy & Tender
PURINA® Friskies® Crunchy & Tender is a delicious cat food that offers two different textures for your cat’s enjoyment at mealtimes. Your cat will love this combination of delicious crunchy pieces and softer, more tender chunks.
Friskies Cat Wet
Purina® Friskies® Cat
Our PURINA® Friskies® Wet range tastes great and contains 100% complete and balanced nutrition for the needs of every cat.

Wondering whether to feed your cat wet or dry food? Try both!

Dry or wet food?
Dry or wet food?
Dry helps maintain healthy teeth and gums
Dry helps maintain healthy teeth and gums. Wet helps keep cats hydrated.
Both offer tasty recipes and nutritious meals.
Both offer tasty recipes and nutritious meals.
Try both!
Try both!

Explore our range

With a broad selection of different foods for cats with a variety of needs and feeding preferences, you're sure to find a Friskies® product that fits your cat's needs, for a happy and healthy cat.