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Pro Plan


Our PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR cat food is specially designed to reduce cat allergens on hair and dander. Browse the range today!
Pro Plan liveclear
Woman holding cat on her lap
Want to find out how it works?
We believe nothing should stand between you and your cat. Not even cat allergens. Discover the difference PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR could make to your allergen management routine – to get you and your cat closer.

We know that being a cat owner brings a great amount of joy to human’s lives, but sadly, there are those with allergies that miss out on this. That’s why we’ve developed Pro Plan LiveClear cat food, an innovative product, specially designed to reduce the presence of Fel d 1, an allergen found on cat hair and dander. With results from the third week of daily feeding, this product is a safe way to nutritionally manage cat allergens and has the added benefit of offering great tasting, outstanding nutrition to promote the long-term health of your cat too. Browse our full Pro Plan cat food range to discover diets to support your cat’s unique needs.