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Felix cat food

To satisfy the needs of your loveable, mischievous rascal, discover the irresistible range of Felix cat food and treats.
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Felix Pick n Mix
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Treat your cat to their favourite flavours

What if you could buy a bundle that only included the flavours your cat loves? With our Felix Pick ‘n’ Mix cat food bundles build your box of 120 tasty pouches and get them all delivered right to your door.

Discover tasty meals that look like food you might have cooked yourself with sensational combinations of textures and flavours to delight your cat’s senses with our Felix cat food and treats range. With creamy Soups, flavourful Sensations, Tasty Shreds, Doubly Delicious and even As Good as It Looks, it’s hardly surprising that clever cats get Felix! What’s more, we also have a wide selection of yummy Felix cat treats on offer too. Coming in a wide variety of delicious flavour combinations, fun textures and playful shapes, including Play Tubes, Mini Filetti, Crispies and Goody Bags, Felix cat treats are the perfect way to share more of your mischievous moments together. Shop our full range of Felix cat food and treats today!