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When your cat's gut microbiome is balanced, so is her overall health.

A cat’s gut microbiome is the ecosystem with trillions of microorganisms that live in the gut. Purina ONE® Bifensis® helps protect your cat’s gut microbiome by balancing its good and bad bacteria. Which helps maintain her overall health and wellbeing. And when she’s healthy inside, it shows on the outside.

A balanced gut microbiome, thanks to chicory

Purina ONE® Bifensis® contains chicory – a prebiotic which balances good & bad bacteria in your cat’s gut. This helps protect her gut microbiome, essential for her overall health and wellbeing.

A strengthened immune system, thanks to lactobacillus

Purina ONE® Bifensis® contains lactobacillus – a beneficial functional bacteria scientifically proven to strengthen your cat’s immune system, from the inside out. For a long and healthy life.

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