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Purina ONE Dog

Discover the Purina ONE 3 Week Challenge

and see the visible results on his wellbeing.

Keep your dog's healthy by feeding him with Purina ONE®. It's advanced, complete and its balanced nutrition helps you take great care of your dog. You could soon notice visible results, that are signs of a healthy and happy dog: a great appetite, a high energy and vitality level, a shiny coat, smooth skin and bright eyes.

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Day 1: Great appetite

You will see your dog's appetite improve. He'll eat eagerly, enjoying all the delicious taste of Purina ONE.

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Week 1: Vitality and Energy

Already, complete and balanced nutrition has improved your dog's energy levels, so you may see he's feeling happier.

Healthy Digestion Dog Icon

Week 2: Healthy Digestion

Have you noticed that your dog is passing small, firm stools? His new food is highly-digestible, which means he's absorbing nutrients better.

Shiny Coat Dog Icon

Week 3: Shiny Coat

Smooth Skin, Bright Eyes High quality sources of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids plus essential vitamins and minerals are now taking effect. You may notice a shinier coat, better skin and brighter eyes.

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After 3 Weeks: Health

By now, the unique vitamins and antioxidants combination in Purina ONE is working to support your dog’s immune system, to help him stay healthy now and for years to come.

Take the Purina ONE 3 Week Challenge
and see a visible difference in 3 weeks.