Promote Pet Adoption through Collaborations and Partnerships

Our goal

By 2023, our top 10 markets across Europe will be supporting adoption programmes and organisations to help improve pet adoption rates.


Our achievement to date

90% Achieved

In 2020: 15 countries had established Pet Adoption partnerships working with 28 partners.
In 2019: 13 countries had established Pet Adoption partnerships working with 22 partners.

In total, 28 countries including France, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK, Russia, and many others have established Pet Adoption partnerships with approximately 50 different organizations. All of these organisations are dedicated to helping as many pets as possible find new homes. By working together, we can secure the health, safety and wellbeing of even more pets. 98,731 pets in total were re-homed by our partner organisations over 2019-2020.

In addition to this, during the COVID 19 outbreak we donated over 3 million meals to shelters and pet welfare organisations in more than 15 countires accross Europe, The Middle East and North Africa.

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Our Point of View: Purina, Partnerships, and Collaborations

At Purina, we love pets and passionately believe in the benefits that pet ownership bring to an individual and society as a whole. While pet lovers couldn’t be without their pets, and the majority of pets around the world are well loved and cared for, due to economic and social factors, thousands of dogs, cats and other animals are abandoned each year and the numbers are rising.

We recognize we are in a unique position and whilst we are already involved in a number of programmes that promote pet adoption through collaboration and partnerships, we want to use our experience and partnerships in more countries to help more pets find loving homes.

Across Europe, we support pet adoption programmes to help improve pet adoption rates. We provide food to adoption centres and support many adoption awareness events and educational campaigns on the benefits and responsibilities of pet adoption. Pet food donations for our partners are an important part of our support and this became even more critical during the pandemic when funding to shelters was affected. During 2020 when they were most in need of help, we donated millions of pet meals to our adoption partners and others needing help.

We know that the pet–human bond has many benefits, which is why we are looking to tangible solutions to creating richer lives for pets and the people who love them.

Existing Programmes

At Purina, partnerships are an important part of our commitment to helping pets. We can see the huge difference we are already making through our existing partnerships with charities and organisations across the region.

Some of these are:

Cats Protection in the UK;

ENPA in Italy

The ‘Giving Hope’ Fund and RunForDogs Fund in Russia

VIVA! in Poland

Guau, Las Nieves and Amigos Del Perro in Spain

Dublin SPCA in Ireland.

Building on Nestlé CSV

Just as we are committed to improving the lives of pets and the people who love them, our parent company Nestlé is committed to enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future for individuals and families, our communities and the planet.

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Case study

At every step of the adoption journey, we work to raise awareness amongst pet lovers. We establish collaborative partnerships with rehoming shelters and other pet adoption organisations, create and empower adoption platforms and even strive to influence governments and decision-makers all in the cause of helping those who cannot speak for themselves. Discover below initiatives from different countries on this important commitment.

Friend for Pet adoption platform

In 2018, together with leading organisations in the field of animal protection, we launched our unique online pet adoption platform ‘Friend for Pet’ in Russia – a full service for future pet owners and adoption advocates.

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Friend for Pet adoption platform

Adopt a Stray

In Greece, this campaign launched on World Animal Day 2020 was designed to share our adoption and responsible pet ownership commitments with our consumers. Created in collaboration with a well-known blogger with thousands of monthly readers, the campaign featured a video made in association with the KAZ Shelter for stray animals.

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Adopt a Stray

Other Commitments