Help to Reduce the Risk of Pet Obesity through Collaborative Prevention Programmes

Our goal

By 2023, our top 10 markets across Europe will be supporting prevention partnerships and programmes to help reduce the risk of pet obesity.


Our achievement to date

20% Achieved

In 2017, we launched in the UK, "Healthy Love", a programme designed to help equip vets with the right information to have conversations with pet owners about maintaining a healthy weight for their pet.

The programme focuses on:

  • preventing obesity (maintaining a healthy weight) in all pets, with a focus on high risk normal weight pets.
  • correcting obesity - simplified weight loss programme for overweight pets
  • avoiding rebound weight gain - healthy weight for the long term - after successful weight loss, maintaining healthy habits.

During 2018, the programme has also been launched in 5 more countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Russia and we will continue to make the programme available across Europe.

Our Point of View

Research tells us that pet obesity is the single biggest pet health issue, with an estimated 59% of dogs and 52% of cats worldwide are overweight or obese. Modern lifestyles and a tendency to over feed pets with snacks and treats (out of ‘too much love’) are some of the root causes of problems. This epidemic of overweight pets is creating health problems which can have a severe impact on a pet's quality of life.

At Purina, we have a long history in promoting a healthier diet and lifestyle for our pets, and bringing breakthrough innovations to the pet food industry – many of which have redefined industry standards. These include our clinical diets, the first diets on the market specially formulated to help with weight loss and the maintenance of a healthy weight.

We have also pioneered the "body condition score" – now widely adopted and used not only in scientific studies, but also by vets and pet welfare charities as the gold standard to evaluate the body condition of pets as to whether they are overweight or obese. We continue to work closely with vets to help pet owners better understand how they can make a positive change to their overweight pets’ health by changing their own behaviour.

Our goal is to help reduce the risk of pet obesity through collaborative prevention programmes – working with key players in pet nutrition and public health to affect real change.

We recognise that the depth of the problem means we can’t do it alone. We need to work within our industry and with other key stakeholders to make a difference.

Tackling pet obesity is even more challenging when many pet owners don’t even realise that their pet is overweight.

Building on Nestlé CSV

Just as we are committed to improving the lives of pets and the people who love them, our parent company Nestlé is committed to enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future for individuals and families, our communities and the planet.

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