Bakers® is a brand of wet and dry dog food, as well as treat and snacks, which is owned by Purina®. Bakers was established in 1922 and offers a variety of diets formulated for different types of dogs, including weight control, alternatives to wet food and small dogs.

Bakers began in 1922 with Suffolk family-run company Edwards Baker Ltd. From the beginning, Bakers has been passionate about creating dog food that not only tastes good, but is nutritious as well. Over the years, and backed by the nutritional expertise of Purina, Bakers has developed and fine-tuned their cooking methods and recipes, making the products nutritious and delicious. All Bakers dog food is still made in Suffolk today.

Bakers offers a wide variety of tasty, ‘100% Complete and Balanced’ meals, packed with the everyday nutrients your dog needs to get on with doing all the things that healthy happy dogs do. Find out more about our new dry dog food recipe.

Plus, all Bakers products are free from artificial colours. Only colours that occur in nature which are taken from plant, animal and mineral sources are used. Removing artificial colours is one of the Purina commitments.

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