Purina One®


The PURINA ONE® range offers high quality ingredients in tailored diets according to their life stage and lifestyle. Our tasty formulas’ provides your cat with the nutrition they need to help keep them healthy throughout their life.

  • Available in both wet and dry
  • A range of formulas tailored to your cat’s life stage or lifestyle

PURINA ONE® Dry Cat Food

Specially formulated by PURINA vets and nutritionists and made with high quality and tasty ingredients, PURINA ONE® dry food offers your cat a tasty, nutritious meal.

All PURINA ONE® dry cat food products contain ACTILEA®, a unique formula designed to help keep your cat’s natural defences strong and start acting from within. The ACTILEA® formula delivers a wave of positive effects to help support your cat’s health, so you can enjoy her visibly great condition, knowing she’s great on the inside, too.

PURINA ONE® Wet Cat Food

Our PURINA ONE® mini fillets in gravy are complete and balanced meals, specially formulated by PURINA vets and nutritionists. Available in Adult, Senior 7+ or Indoor formulas PURINA ONE® provides the taste she loves with the health she deserves.

You could see a visible difference in your cat’s health in just 3 weeks.

A shinier coat, brighter eyes and a higher energy and vitality level are some of the visible differences you could see in your cat’s health after feeding PURINA ONE® for just 3 weeks.

Take the PURINA ONE® 3 week challenge and you could see the benefits for yourself.