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GOURMET® will do everything to delight your cat and offer her an irresistible taste experience every day.


GOURMET® Gold offers a wide choice of recipes for connoisseurs to indulge in different textures and flavours every day. Quality ingredients gently cooked for taste-moments to spoil sophisticated feline palates.


Connoisseurs can be fussy eaters and tempting recipes can be difficult to find. GOURMET® Perle offers an elegant range of delicate recipes to tickle your cat’s senses with an irresistible taste experience every day. Yielding to temptation will be a sheer pleasure.

GOURMET® Mon Petit

GOURMET® Mon Petit is a range of exquisite GOURMET® recipes specially developed to let your cat enjoy a wide variety of flavours in the right size: fine cuts with meat or fish cooked in a delicious sauce for an excellent meal. Passionately crafted by GOURMET®, GOURMET® Mon Petit is available in a 50g pouch allowing every one of your cat’s meals to be freshly served to eat all at once. GOURMET® Mon Petit…. a variety of delectable meals that are just the right size.


A real connoisseur deserves nothing less than the finest culinary experience. That’s why GOURMET® has created À La Carte; exquisite creations inspired by the GOURMET® Chef. The delicate cuts with meat or fish are carefully combined with selected ingredients such as vegetables, rice or pasta pearls and cooked to create an irresistible culinary experience. GOURMET® À La Carte, every day a delectable recipe inspired by the GOURMET® Chef.

GOURMET® Solitaire

How does one turn a meal into an unforgettable taste experience? With the GOURMET® Solitaire range of precious recipes made from ingredients of high quality, carefully selected to create exquisite delicacies. Because there is no greater joy for a connoisseur than to discover something exceeding all expectations.

GOURMET® Fisherman’s Delights

GOURMET® has created Fisherman’s Delights, a range of delicious fish creations to spoil your cat with a refined taste experience.

Your cat will appreciate the high quality of these tender and fine flakes, packed with 70% fish and served in a delicate sauce that we are sure he will find irresistible. And there is even more choice, where the flavours of fish and vegetables are deliciously combined like the variety with salmon, garnished with spinach.

GOURMET® Fisherman’s Delights, refined creations for fish connoisseurs