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Why GO-CAT®?

Every product we make is covered by the GO-CAT® Promise. It's our commitment to cat owners that guarantees:

  • A range of great tasting products for him to enjoy
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition including high-quality proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to help support your cat's health, vitality and happiness
  • Recipes are specially formulated by PURINA® experts, with over 85 years’ experience in pet nutrition.

GO-CAT® Dry Food

GO-CAT® provides 100% complete, balanced nutrition to meet the nutritional needs of your cat - whatever his life stage or lifestyle.

Adult: 100% complete nutrition in a variety of tasty recipes

GO-CAT® Adult recipes are specially formulated to help give your little friend all the nutrition he needs. 100% complete and balanced to help keep your cat healthy, happy and brimming with vitality.

Life Stage Diets: Specially formulated recipes for kittens, indoor and senior cats

  • Kitten = Your little kitten needs extra nutrition to help him develop into a happy, healthy adult. GO-CAT® Kitten helps set him off to a great start in life, and provides all the nutrients he needs to surprise and delight you every day!
  • Senior = Our GO-CAT® Senior recipe has been specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of cats aged 7+. It's 100% balanced and complete, and contains all the essential nutrients mature cats need to help them stay in good shape.
  • Indoor = Indoor cats don’t commune with nature as much as their outdoor friends, which means they can miss out on some of the benefits that come from venturing outside. That’s why GO-CAT® Indoor has been specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of cats that spend most of their time inside

Crunchy & Tender: Two different textures in one delicious meal!

Cats love crunchy kibbles. They also love tender foods they can really sink their teeth into! Now you can give your cat the best of both worlds with GO-CAT® Crunchy & Tender – a tasty, 100% complete and balanced formula with two different textures. (Now, also available for Kittens)

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