Because clever cats pick FELIX® every time, there’s a wide variety of irresistible FELIX® Treats to choose from:

FELIX® Goody Bag

An irresistible, colourful mix of meaty and fishy treats full of enticing aromas, delicious flavours and appealing textures. With three irresistible flavours in every bag, they’re Triple the Treat!

FELIX® Crispies

Irresistibly air-whipped for a light and crispy texture to treat your cat every day. Surprise your cat with a tasty, crispy crackle in every bite, and an exciting combination of delicious flavours, shapes and colours in every pack.

FELIX® Twist

Put a twist in treats time with this twisted treat that’s fun and doubly tasty. With a combination of two yummy flavours in every stick, feed them whole or break them into bite-size pieces to make the mischief last even longer.

It’s hardly surprising that clever cats get FELIX®. Come and discover the wonderful world of FELIX® – Click here to learn more and join the fun!