Dog Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition

How to keep your dog happy and healthy

Dog Pregnancy and Labour

Things to Look Out for During Dog Labour

Your bitch is about to become a proud mum, and soon she’ll have some adorable new pups to care for – how exciting! The great news is that most canine pregnancies are problem-free and dogs generally make excellent mothers.
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Feeding Your Dog During Pregnancy

Having puppies is both exciting and exhausting for you and your pet. Whilst it’s wonderful to welcome adorable bundles of fur into your home, it’s hard work for a new mum to grow, deliver and look after a mischievous litter!
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Top Tips for a Healthy Dog Pregnancy

When your dog is happy, you’re happy – and when she’s pregnant, making sure she’s as healthy and comfortable as possible is even more important, both for her and for her new arrivals!
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