Dog Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition

How to keep your dog happy and healthy

Dog Grooming and Daily Care

Dog New Year Resolutions

As the New Year rolls around, it is common for us to make resolutions for the year ahead.

What to Do If You Found a Stray Dog?

Have you found a stray dog, and are wondering what to do next? Find out what steps to follow when you find a dog without an owner here.

Caring for Your Dog in Winter

Take a look at our tips all about caring for your dog during winter to make sure you both are able to have plenty of fun through the colder months.
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Keeping You and Your Dog Healthy

With all the enjoyment you and your pet give each other, it’s easy to forget that as well as being valued family members, there are many ways in which your cat or dog can affect your health too.
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Recognising and Treating Ticks on Dogs

It’s not uncommon for a dog to have ticks. These pesky parasites are very adept at attaching themselves to your dog’s coat, even if you do your best to avoid them. Luckily there are simple ways to help prevent, and treat, ticks on dogs.
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Recognising and Treating Dog Mites

Many owners are concerned about mites in dogs, how they can be prevented, and how affected dogs can be treated. We’ve put together a guide on dog mites to help you out.
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Recognising and Removing Fleas on Dogs

A dog’s soft and warm fur is one of the reasons why we love cuddling them so much – it’s also why fleas find your pet hard to resist! Dogs have quite a high probability of coming into contact with these parasites at some point, but with a bit of know-how you can easily control and treat them.
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Looking After Your Dog's Claws

Whether your dog is an energetic puppy or a fully grown adult they will rarely, if ever, need their nails trimmed. But it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on your dog’s nails – and know how to clip them, just in case!
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Why Grooming Your Dog Is Important?

Whether you’ve got a pampered Pomeranian or a scruffy Terrier, you’ll need to give them a helping hand to keep their coat in top condition.
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Caring for Your Dog All Year Round

Read more about dog care and looking after your dog all year round to get ready for a whole year of fun and adventure.
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Caring For Your Dog In Summer

The majority of us can’t wait for summer to come around. We all love to go outside and enjoy the warm weather, our pets included. However, with the heat comes added dangers. Here are some hazards that you should be aware of to make sure your dog stays safe and healthy.
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Doggy ‘do’ and ‘don’ts’ at Easter

Many owners know that dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate, but do you know why? An accidental chocolate button dropped on the floor can be gone in instant—so be sure that you know what do if your dog eats chocolate.
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