Dog Weight Control Case Studies

At Purina, we asked for two people to share their pets’ weight management journeys with us. Read their diaries and find out how their dogs’ health changed – and get inspired to put your pet on the road to fitness!
Labrador eating
Labrador eating
Labrador eating

Your dog probably loves a treat or two – many of our canine companions are very food motivated, and when you’re showing your affection or training them, it’s easy to slip a few to many rewards in! However, showing our affection in this way can often lead to unhealthy weight gain for our dogs.

Our volunteers were Ellie the Golden Labrador with her owner, Carol, and Kali the Cocker Spaniel with her owner Alison. For nine months, each dog was part of a tailored Size Matters programme where they received a healthy dog diet and advice from our resident vet and animal behavioural expert, as well as the Purina PetCare Team.

If Ellie and Kali inspire you to make a difference to your dog’s weight, you can contact the PURINA PetCare Team today. After all, dog weight loss doesn’t have to be a chore, and you’ll soon see a totally new side to your pet that makes it all worthwhile!

Like all of us with our pets, Carol Musgrave loved to treat her adorable eight-year-old Golden Labrador, Ellie. Ellie weighed 38.1kg when Carol applied to take part in Size Matters, which meant that she was obese, at 36% over her goal body weight. After seeing her lose her sparkle and health, Carol turned to Purina for help.

Although Ellie was a heavy dog, weight loss was always attainable – just as it is with any overweight pet. With a new healthy dog diet, Ellie and Carol were soon seeing some big changes. Read how they're doing nine months later!

At the end of the Size Matters programme, Ellie weighed an incredible 29.8kg and had a body condition score of 5.5, which is almost ideal! Through weight control, dog food specially tailored to her, and a lot of enthusiasm, Ellie was soon reaping the rewards of better health.

If you identify with any of Ellie and Carol’s issues and would like some free advice, call the PetCare Team Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, on freephone 0800 212 161 / ROI 1800 509 368, or email the PetCare team at!

Dog Ellie
Dog Kali

Before starting the Size Matters programme, Alison Olsen's four-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Kali, weighed 14.3kg, which was 44% over her goal weight. Knowing she needed to take action to help Kali slim down and become a healthy, happy dog again, Alison turned to Purina to help get her dog back on track and to show other dog owners that it can be done!

Through a tailored dog food diet and the right amount of exercise, Kali was soon on the road to better health. Nine months on, read how Alison and Kali got on.

At the end of the programme, Kali weighed 11.6kg and had a body condition score of 6, which was a huge improvement. Kali really did prove that dog weight loss is achievable, and now she’s healthier and bouncier than ever!

If you identify with any of the same issues as Kali and Alison and would like some free advice, call the PetCare Team Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, on freephone 0800 212 161 / ROI 1800 509 368, or email then at

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If you’d like more information on helping your dog achieve a healthy weight, or have any other queries, contact our PETCARE EXPERT TEAM