Helping Your New Dog Settle In

Getting a new dog

Learn more about your new canine companion

Getting a New Dog: Welcoming Your New Dog

Introducing Your Dog to Other Pets

Dogs usually make firm friends easily, and your pup will almost certainly love being around other canine companions.
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Welcoming Your New Dog Home

So you’re just days away from bringing your new dog or puppy home, and we bet you can hardly wait for your four legged friend to join the family!
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Dog Proof Your Home with a Dog Friendly Garden

Most breeders will ask that you wait until your new puppy is eight weeks old before they’ll let you pick them up – which might feel like an eternity! This is a great opportunity to start dog proofing your home and preparing for your new arrival, so that when you bring your puppy or new dog home, your house will be a safe and welcoming environment.
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