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Whether you know the breeds you like or need a little bit of guidance, find out which breed is right for you and discover your purrrfect match with our breed selector tool.

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Are you a novice or seasoned dog owner?

Do you have any experience owning a dog?
What level of training are you willing to take on?

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What kind of walks do you have in mind for you and your dog?

What type of walk would you like to do?
How long would you walk your dog daily?

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Big, small, fluffy or wiry? What's your preference for how your dog looks?

Do you have a size preference for your dog?
Does your dog drooling bother you?
How much grooming would you be prepared to do?
Is there anyone with known dog allergies in your home?

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How would you like your new dog to act?

How vocal do you want your dog?
Are you looking for a dog to guard you and your property?

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