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How to keep your cat happy and healthy

Symptoms to Watch out for in Cats

Cat Ear Care and Cleaning

Cats are incredibly clean creatures, but sometimes they may need a little bit of help cleaning those hard to reach places like their ears. Find out how to clean a cats ears and what you should be looking out for with our handy guide.
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Food Allergies in Cats

True allergies are thankfully very rare in cats, and can often be confused with the more common (and less severe) food intolerances. Learn how to spot if your cat has an allergy, and what you can do to get them back to their happy and healthy selves again.

Hair Loss in Cats

Have you gone to give your cat a loving stroke and felt that their fur isn’t as thick as it usually is, or have noticed that there’s a bald patch on your cat? There are a number of reasons why your cat could be losing their fur and it’s always important to get your vet to take a closer look to solve the problem of hair loss in cats.